Sea Turtle Collage Class


 Embellished Collage Quilting: Sea Turtle

Instructor: Lisa Johnson

Date: Wednesday July 10

Time: 10:30-2:30


The pattern will be supplied in class

Supply list   

Note: You do not need to bring your sewing machine

  • Scissors bring both:
    • Sharp scissors that can cut out details. Pelicans are great
    • Not your best scissors in case you cut sequins.
  • Pins 
  • Design board. A pressing board like the June Tailor 18” x 24” Square and Blocker is great. Things can be pinned in place, then ironed down without moving them. The board should be firm to be picked up and moved around without losing pieces. You can make your own, as long as it is padded, firm, and can withstand ironing.
  • Lite Steam a Seam. Get at least one package of the sheets, or a yard from a roll.
  • Aleene’s Tacky Glue. A small bottle is fine
  • Scraps and fabrics for your main subject. 
    • The more the better. 
    • Bring colors you think you need for your subject, plus a few more that catch your eye.  
    • Batiks are great. Aboriginal fabrics work well.  Kaffe Fassett is awesome.
    • Look for prints that can be cut down into other shapes.
    • Your turtle can be any color you like.
  • Tulle, netting, sequined fabric, lace. Embellishing is fun.
  • Fat Quarter of Background material. Use a quiet print, batik, or muslin. Contrasting color to your main subject can help it pop. Don’t stress too much, the background can be covered and/or altered later. 


  • Iron 
  • Pencil to transfer pattern onto background
  • Light box to transfer pattern onto background
  • Digital camera. The one on your phone is fine. It helps to give perspective on the piece and show progress.
  • Peep hole. From a hardware store, get the widest peephole they have that would go in a door. It helps give perspective and show how the piece is flowing.
  • Stiletto, tweezers, and/or hemostats to move little pieces around